Richard S. Weil
Attorney - Mediator



Disputes and conflicts are facts of life. When people are unable to resolve their differences, they often file lawsuits, and the expensive, time-consuming and unpredictable process of litigation begins. Surprisingly, just 3% of the lawsuits filed in New York end in a trial. A small percentage are dismissed. So it is very likely that a case will settle at some point. The question is, when?

Mediation is a useful tool for exploring settlement early in a case, or even before suit is filed. It allows people to address the issues that are important to them and to control the outcome. It is generally faster and less expensive than litigation. Most often, it works, producing settlements that benefit everyone.

As a lawyer and a mediator, Richard Weil has a deserved reputation for resolving disputes effectively and efficiently. His 43 years’ experience as a litigator and transactional attorney and his two decades of ADR service give him a breadth of legal knowledge and an understanding of the human factors that underlie many conflicts. He is patient, persistent, creative and well-prepared. He is able to put people at ease and to understand and convey different points of view. Mr. Weil helps parties explore their cases’ strengths and weaknesses and assess the risks and costs of continued litigation. Above all, he is committed to helping parties resolve their disputes.

Mr. Weil is an active member of the New York mediation community. He is a member of the State Bar Dispute Resolution Section Executive Committee and the City Bar ADR Committee. He mediates for Federal and State Courts, serves on the ADR Advisory Committee of the Manhattan Commercial Division, leads State and City Bar mediation initiatives and has written about mediation for the ABA and State Bar Dispute Resolution magazines and the New York Law Journal (See “Articles” on this website.)